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Your safety depends on your neighbour

We create a community based approach to fire alerts and water leak detection.

Whether it's a confirmed fire at your neighbour’s property's or a water leak in the flat above,  early communal notification saves lives and reduces the extent of damage. Our products and software and apps create a smart communal notification solution that enables all residents to be confident that everyone has functional smoke alarms and that water leaks can be detected early. 

The property management board of your building is responsible for ensuring that all flats have functioning and approved smoke detectors. With the additional option of a communal water leak detection and automatic shut-off, insurance costs could also be reduced.
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Your security depends on your neighbour.

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Easy control through the sfty app

We notify through our app and via SMS. Your own control panel that enables

  • Fire alarm notification
  • Water leakage notification (additional product)
  • Status messages
  • Settings

Personal safety: Invite friends, neighbours, and family to your own safety network in the app and use the "Follow me" and "Help me" services.

Would you like an information pack to share with your property manager, landlord or caretaker?

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All-in-One Multi-Alert System for All Residents

Multi-Alert is, an all-in-one solution that complements our communal smoke alarms, providing the resident with a simple intruder alarm and indoor climate alerts from  our app.

Increased security in your home with the following:

Smoke detector

Intruder alarm

Temperature sensor

Humidity sensor

All using smart technology, with easy wireless installations

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