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Connected smoke alarms

Early and accurate communication between properties helps save lives

How can you know if your neighbour's smoke detector is working?

Fire safety is the responsibility of the board, and ensuring that all smoke detectors are functional, and simply distributing batteries annually is not sufficient.

In flats,  and townhouses, your safety depends on your neighbour. If a fire starts somewhere in the building or complex, it's crucial that you, your family, and neighbours are notified immediately.

With new technology, communal notification has become much easier and more affordable, costing no more than the price of a cup of coffee per month.

In housing cooperatives and associations, it is particularly important to ensure communal notification is available and accurate and when there is a confirmed incident. New systems for communal notification must be able to distinguish between real fires and unwanted alarms from a burnt breakfast to ensure the safety of residents.

Does your board have oversight and control over fire safety and security in your housing cooperative, at all times?  Are all incidents that are legally required to be documented?


Your safety depends on your neighbour

We can improve the safety and security in your residential complex. Contact us for information now that you can share with your property manager or housing association.

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Styreportal på PC med app - Sense og Vann

How do we solve this for you?

When smoke is detected in a residence, the alarms trigger throughout the affected home and additionally all residents receive notifications via SMS and app messages that there is an incident within your block.

How does it work?

The smart smoke alarm has a one-go-all-go alert that sets off alarms in adjacent units, alerts remote monitoring station, and the residential company's  fire responsible personnel. In case of a confirmed fire or no response, the alarm monitoring station can contact the emergency services/ fire department and provide detailed information about the fire location, resident data, and fire status.

SFTY process

Our own multi-detector

sfty Sense is an intelligent optical smoke alarm that also measures temperature, humidity, and motion. It connects to your WiFi and contributes to communal fire alarms for the building, while also allowing you to monitor your home through the sfty app. The temperature sensor, heat detector and heat alarm adds additional layers of safety on top of regular fire alarm - resulting in a modern satefy system. 


Why invest in communal fire alarms?

Communal smoke alarms address both residents' and the board's fire safety and security needs. Residents gain the assurance that their neighbours have the same level of smoke alarm system as themselves and that it works when it really matters. The board obtains a comprehensive overview of the building's security, installed devices, and all residents. Consequently, they can be proactive in ensuring that everything functions properly at all times.

Benefits for the board:

Connected to an alarm monitoring centre

Gets its own control portal, providing full oversight of fire safety in the building

HSE - Status and documentation on safety

Easy management of move-ins and move-outs

Benefits for residents

Know that the neighbour's smoke alarm is functional.

Networked neighbour notification - provides increased sense of security

Fewer false fire alarms and unnecessary evacuations

Receive fire instructions and information directly on your phone about where the fire is

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