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Water leak detection

Early warning limits damage and repair costs.

Water leaks are more common than you think and cost more.

Approximately 75% of the compensation paid by insurance companies are related to water damage, and in residential complexes, water damage is the most common type of damage. It is also the most costly. With sfty’s solution for water leak detection, costs and the extent of damage from leaks can be captured early, and the extent of damage can be limited.

Does your board have an overview of moisture and potential moisture damage in your building?


If a water leak is not detected and stopped in time, there is a high probability that consequential damages will occur in several apartments or dwelling units. The earlier a leak is detected, the faster it can be repaired, and the smaller the extent of damage. For this reason, we not only notify the resident who has a water leak but also residents living below the affected property.

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How do we solve this for you?

We have two different solutions to choose from a detection and notification only solution, or  detection, notification and a valve to shut off the water supply.

Detection and notification

In the event of a leak, the water sensor detects and then notifies residents in the property, neighbours living below the flat, the board, caretaker, and (if desired) a plumber.

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Water Shut-off

In addition to providing notifications/ alerts, our water leak solution can be integrated with an shut-off valve so that the water supply is stopped at the source to prevent further water damage quickly and effectively.

For better water leak detection

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