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Water leak

If a water leak is not detected and stopped in time, there is a high probability that there will be consequential damage to several apartments or housing units.

What you need to know 

The Sfty platform simplifies and improves communication during an event. The system notifies the right people at the right time with relevant and tailored information, depending on the type and severity of the incident. Notifies neighbours( below) in case of a water leak.


For partners

Sfty has an effective, simple, and affordable solution for joint water leakage notification in Multifamily properties. In the event of a leak, the sensor notifies the resident(s) of the apartment, regardless of where they are. In addition, it will notify neighbors who live below the apartment, and send a notification to the board, caretaker and (if desired) directly to the plumber. Read more about the sensor here.
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