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sfty for housing associations

The solution that provides the property management board and residents early neighbour notification of fire or water leakage

Which units do not have functioning smoke alarms?

A lot is invested in increasing the safety of residents and buildings, but is everything working as it should? Are all incidents documented as required? When investing in safety for residents and property, it is important to ensure that it also works after installation. Our management board portal let’s you and your team easily see which smoke detectors or water leak detectors are not working. When faults are detected, the system first tries to motivate the resident to solve this themselves, and then the property management board is notified if the resident does not change batteries or perform necessary actions.

We help property managers save time, our online portal makes maintaining security easier when you know where to look and what needs to be fixed. All notifications are automatically documented, and the management board can also communicate with groups or all residents.

When we started developing our solution, it was important to also eliminate the disadvantages of existing solutions. Simple standalone, battery operated smoke detectors do not provide a linked communal notification, and wired fire alarm solutions are often too extensive and not user-friendly.

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Do you have sufficient insight and control?

The property management board is responsible for ensuring that all residents have a functioning smoke alarm.

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sfty control panel

The sfty control panel provides the management board with the overview you need to ensure that all alarms in the housing cooperative or association are functioning as they should. From here, it is easy to send messages to those who do NOT have a functioning smoke alarm  or water leak detector.

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Smart smoke alarms from sfty

Safety in the whole property across all individual units. Smart and modern technology that creates security.

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Water leak detection from sfty

Water leak detection and shut-off to ensure that water leaks are detected and stopped in time, thereby preventing consequential damages to multiple properties or units.

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Oslo, 28. March 2018
Detected smoke in an apartment in Oslo at 14:21. The resident is immediately notified by SMS and then receives a call from the alarm centre. The alarm centre notifies the fire department about the fire at 14:26. The fire department responds and arrives at the residence five minutes later at 14:32. The fire department then mitigates the situation, and two people receive minor smoke injuries.

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