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sfty Control: Everything in one place

Making safety easier for property management boards

Legal duty of care

The board of a housing cooperative has a legally mandated responsibility to ensure that the fire alarm system is operational at all times in all properties and units, not just the day or hours after batteries have been distributed to residents. Does your board have that oversight?

Our online board portal - sfty Control -  provides a comprehensive, remote, overview of all smoke alarms and water leak detectors throughout abuilding. If a device is not functioning properly,  notifications will be sent directly to nominated contacts phones.

Stay in control; resident information and unexpected situations in your housing cooperative are easily managed. Both you, sfty, and the alarm monitoring station can stay in the know 24/7 and be alerted to incidents without delay and make the right decisions when it matters most.

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How do we solve this for you?

A user-friendly board portal
The sfty Control board portal serves as the information platform in the sfty solution, providing relevant oversight and user-friendly functionality.

Administrative tools
The building structure (common areas and apartments) and residents can be easily managed using the tools within the notification groups and user module.

Critical communication
Resident information in the sfty solution is often the most up-to-date registry available for housing cooperatives. By using the messaging section, you can easily handle and document critical communication to individuals or groups of people. These can be selected based on predefined criteria or as needed.

Your preferences
In the settings section, you can modify the structure, zones in the system, and the type of alerts different recipients should receive.

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Status Information
sfty's board portal continuously monitors and analyses sensor behaviour and data, searching for potential alarm situations and other deviations to provide you with early warnings.

Event Archive
The system is self-documenting and maintains an archive of events and self-tests.

Assisted Troubleshooting
If the operational status is not optimal, the system provides guidance on what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Installation Status
The system tracks the installation status throughout the installation, making it easy to manage and coordinate the installation process.

Quick Connections
The solution always strives to make life as easy as possible for users by providing quick access to the most relevant tools.

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Helping you as a management board member to:

Have a single control portal for fire safety and water leakage detection

Status per flat and common areas

Alarm central connection

Seamless notification to all residents

HSE - Status of all smoke alarms functioning

HSE - Status of all water leak detectors functioning

HSE - Documentation of events

Dedicated communication platform for important information to residents

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