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sfty app

With the sfty app, everything gets easier and smarter. It has easy-to-use functions that improve your personal security and increases the safety in your home.

Providing everyday sfty

Security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives - regardless of whether you are at home, travelling, or at work. Download the sfty app and get access to features that can give you a safer day, every day.

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My personal safety

The personal security features 'Follow Me' and 'Help Me' are located in the navigation menu on the apps' home screen.

My security network

In the Sfty app you can invite family, friends, a neighbour or others that you think will help you should you find yourself in need. From this network, you can decide who should receive what alerts.

Follow me

With this feature, you can allow certain people in your security network to see where you are and where you go on a map. Whether you're walking home at night, on your way home from school or simply taking a stroll in the woods. You can easily add messages or pictures while using the 'Follow me'-function.

Help me

Your personal safety alarm. If you trigger the alarm, either by pressing the alarm button or by pulling out your ear plugs, selected persons from your security network will get a notification and quickly see where you are located. If the receiver doesn't have the Sfty app, they will receive a text message with a link to a map.

Kristiansand, December 10, 2017

At 6:17am, the alarm is triggered in the apartment. The alarm center calls the resident in order to confirm that there is a fire, but is unable to reach the resident. The alarm center can see that the smart smoke alarm is reporting an increase in smoke levels in the apartment and expands the alert to all of the apartments in the building and notifies the fire department. All residents of the building receive a text message regarding the situation and how they should proceed. The fire department request that someone with access to the building is prepared to unlock doors upon their arrival.  The fire was successfully averted and no one was harmed or injured.